Winesave Pro

25 JD

Whether you're an owner/manager of a restaurant, bar, or cellar door at a vineyard, it's vital that you keep your opened bottles of wine fresh for your customers. You have options, but none as easy, affordable, and scalable as winesave.

The reason why your opened bottle of wine starts to go bad, or taste like vinegar, is due to oxidation, i.e. oxygen coming in contact with the wine and reacting with it. To keep your left over wine from spoiling, you need to keep oxygen away from your wine.

​The wine industry has used gases like argon for years to help keep wines during bottling. Argon is a naturally occurring gas that makes up ~1% of our atmosphere. We breathe in argon with every breath. So it's 100% natural and completely harmless.

Argon is quite unique in that it's colourless, odourless, flavourless, reacts with absolutely nothing and is heavier than air. Because of these qualities, argon is the ideal protector for wine. When it's released into the bottle, it settles on top of the surface of the wine, displaces the air containing oxygen, and forms a protective layer over the wine.

The Winesave Pro is easy to use in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Insert tube into bottle.

Step 2: Press for one second.

Step 3: Replace the cap, cork, or stopper.

Country: USA


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