Speyside 50 Year 1967 XOP Single Malt Scotch Whisky

1,625 JD

Richly sherried single malt from what Douglas Laing this is probably the finest distillery in Speyside, aged for a massive 50 years in a single sherry butt! This was distilled in November 1967 and bottled in March 2018 for the Xtra Old Particular range, producing 307 bottles. We'll leave you to try and figure out which distillery it was from...

Tasting Notes

The nose is big, with powerful dark and macerated fruits, plus a spiced backdrop. The palate is interestingly oaky with a twist of vanilla, barley and a home baked style, and the finish is almost minty in its dryness ahead of mocha and even later molasses.

Country: Speyside - Scotland

ABV: 52.5%


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