Planeta Santa Cecilia 2013

50 JD

Arising from the desire to minimise environmental impact, the invisible winery is the symbol of Planeta's presence in the territory of Noto. The project, finalised in 2003, is still completely innovative and the expression of a perfect synthesis between respect for the territory, technical requirements and architectural design. The aspect of the soft hills of Buonivini, the white limestone soil, the breezes arising from the meeting of two seas, create the best conditions to make the vines grow successfully and give rise to great wines.

Santa Cecilia is the highlight from the most important Sicilian grape variety, Nero d’Avola. Planeta's long research into finding the best place to produce a great wine from this grape brought them to Noto, where the DOC Noto insists that the variety originates, at the southern extremity of Sicily. With its white soils and its ancient vines this is the epicentre of cultivation for Nero d’Avola. Santa Cecilia is an expression of elegance, power, balance and eminence of the unique aromas of Sicily, and today is the reference point for red wines produced from indigenous Sicilian grapes. Its name derives from their family: Planeta di Santa Cecilia.

Tasting Notes

A very spicy fruity wine, brilliant and clear. Perfumed with carob, bergamot and orange peel. The compact ripe fruit and balsamic notes on the palate dissolve in a sweet and vigorous manner to accompany tannins of dense texture but also open and calibrated to the structure of this wine of deep baritone tones. Traces of graphite confer elements of a high tasting lineage while cleverly elicited wild blackberry and cherry maintain the wine on a register of rigorous style and taste.

Food Pairing

A wine which has no fear of the riskiest matchings such as pork marinated with chili pepper or rich fish dishes.

Grape Variety: Nero D'Avola

Country: Sicily - Italy


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