Saint George Shiraz 2019

14-16°CRegion: Jordan

Suggested Food Pairings:

Red MeatsMild CheesesCured MeatsPizzasRed PastasLamb
13 JD

Nature is the best engineer; it has been taking care of grapes for thousands of years. People produced and traded wine in Little Petra, 2700 years ago. Since then, winemaking never stopped in households in the area but from table grapes. This is what inspired the Zumot family to bring back winemaking as an art and a science to Jordan. They planted noble wine grapes and Shiraz has produced elegant wines in its new home. This wine is more of a French Syrah than an Australian Shiraz in style, its complexity will please any red wine drinker.

Tasting Notes

Brilliant purple color with a nose of violet, crushed raspberry and hints of moss and smokiness. It is juicy, slightly spicy with secondary notes of clove and nutmeg.

Food Pairing

Juicy burger with blue cheese, lamb dishes, barbequed meats.

Country: Jordan

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