Saint George Petite Syrah Reserve 2019

16-18°CRegion: Jordan

Suggested Food Pairings:

Red MeatsSpicy FoodsAged CheesesCured MeatsPizzasRed Pastas
22 JD

A masterpiece for any wine lover, Petite Syrah is not just a more “petite/small” version of or Shiraz/Syrah, it’s a distinct grape variety. Petite Syrah is the offspring of Syrah and Peloursin. If you’ve never heard of Peloursin, that’s understandable: it’s nearly extinct, found just a few places in the French-Alps. Petite Syreah is loved for its extraordinary deep color and full-bodied flavors of blueberry, chocolate, plums and black pepper. Despite its popularity, Petite Sirah is an exceptionally rare grape with less than 10,000 planted acres worldwide, mainly in California.

Tasting Notes

This almost pitch black Petite Syrah Reserve opens with aromas of crushed violet and red rose, then black and blue berries, and then sandalwood and black pepper! Lively and velvety on the palate, its powerful tannins and notes of dried fig followed by spicy hints of liquorice and black pepper produce its length and a savory finish.

Food Pairing

Barbecue beef, roasted pork, sautéed mushrooms, cheeses- Camembert, aged Gouda are the perfect match to this heavenly wine.

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