Rhum Saint James Agricole Imperial Blanc

24 JD


Saint James is the first rum brand 'managed' by Luca Gargano, the brand's new product manager for Spirit in 1975. Luca organised the first prize trip to Martinique for the agents. Saint James 'was convicted', and it was a stroke of lightning, Luca fell in love with Martinique, the beaches, palm trees, rum and the Caribbean. Today, VELIER distributes the top of the Saint James range and the story begins again. The Plantations St James brand was created by an enterprising Jamaican rum merchant from Marseille, Paulin Lambert, who in 1882 filed the name and at the same time the design of the famous flat-bottomed carrée bottle that still identifies this brand today, and bought four distilleries, where he started producing Saint James rum. In 1967 it was bought by the Picon cordata, in 1971 Picon was bought by Cointreau, in 2003 by the La Martiniquaise group. The Saint James range is the largest and most complete in Martinique and the Caribbean. Velier has selected an exceptional blanc, seven aged and two vintage. The first one is called Coeur de Chauffe, from the traditional name of Antilles rums distilled from Pot still only, the only example left in Martinique.


-Colour: It has a luminous crystalline transparent colour.

-Aroma: The nose has very clear hints of cane sugar, floral, fruity and slightly spicy and spicy.

-Taste: In the mouth it is bold, soft, warm attack, typical fruity aromas. Good length.


Excellent served mixed to create fantastic cocktails.


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