Querciabella Turpino Toscana Rosso 2017

16-18°CRegion: TuscanyItaly

Suggested Food Pairings:

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47 JD

Giuseppe (Pepito) Castiglioni, an industrial entrepreneur and lifelong wine lover bought a single hectare of a vineyard on a Tuscan hillside and set about creating an estate that now spans the breadth of the region. The name Querciabella means "Beautiful Oaks" as the vineyards in Ruffoli and Radda are surrounded by wonderful oak trees. Querciabella’s commitment to creating extraordinary wines, without causing harm or disrupting the delicate balance of nature, will not waiver. It is this commitment that makes their wines as lively and beautiful as their land, and it is how they will continue to innovate and to inspire for decades to come. But the real secret is in the soil, the very same from which grow the mightiest of oaks.

Turpino evocative character is a tribute to three noble varieties that thrive in Maremma fitting perfectly together like the tessera of a fine mosaic

Tasting Notes

The 2017 Turpino is quite reticent, which is surprising given the style and personality of the year. Black cherry, pine, menthol, licorice and chocolate develop nicely over time. The 2017 embodies the house style at Querciabella these days nicely. The wine is rich and deep, but not at all overdone.

Food Pairing

Turpino is rich in savory notes which call for a dish with lots of savory, umami flavors. The Cabernet Franc, which comprises 40% of Turpino, is very vegetable-friendly. As it ages, it takes on vegetal qualities similar to eggplant and peppers, especially. Its Syrah component provides good fruit but also earthiness which allows you to go in many directions when deciding what dishes to pair. We recommend trying a Creamy Baked Cumin-Spiced Pumpkin Mac n’ Cheese or Lentil and Pinto Bean Hamburger with Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Red Bell Peppers.

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc, ​Syrah, Merlot

Country: Tuscany - Italy


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