2017 Eruzione 1614 Pinot Nero

12-14°CRegion: SicilyItaly

Suggested Food Pairings:

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52 JD

For five centuries and seventeen generations, the Planeta family has been involved in the Sicilian agricultural sector. Their work on the island has contributed to the revitalization of Sicilian winemaking, now one of the most dynamic and sought-after viticultural regions in the world.

The history of Etna is studded with the historic eruptions which have shaped it. That of 1614 is legendary, lasting ten years and is the longest ever recorded. Halting just on the border of the vineyards of Sciaranuova. High altitude black soils confer a fresh, savoury and mineral style. A small area contains the Pinot Nero which has been cultivated in this area for centuries, even if sparsely. The result is an absolutely original version of this noble variety.

Tasting Notes

Flint, ink, wild plum and cherry are among the aromas of this special version of Pinot Nero. Velvety tannins which react in the mouth and procure a lively red wine, soft and elegant at the same time.

Food Pairing

Quail and woodcock, other fine dishes based on game. Also perfect with a slice of fresh caciocavallo cheese, or with a cauliflower soufflé.

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Country: Sicily - Italy


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