Planeta Dorilli 2017

29 JD

For five centuries and seventeen generations, the Planeta family has been involved in the Sicilian agricultural sector. Their work on the island has contributed to the revitalization of Sicilian winemaking, now one of the most dynamic and sought-after viticultural regions in the world.

A refined and elegant expression of the union of the noble Nero d’Avola with Frappato di Vittoria, the Iblean vine par excellence, lightly distinguished by maturation in wood. A limited production for those who love the small Italian denominations, the history and affirmation of this land.

Tasting Notes

It almost seems that the wine takes its ruby-purple colour from the red sand of these Nero d’Avola and Frappato vines. The aromas of ripe black cherry with that of cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate, mature, soft, and rounded tannins, which dissolve in the mouth thanks to the incredible sweetness of the fruit. The oriental spices combine with the complex flavours of smoked pancetta, cooked must, marjoram and prickly pear.

Food Pairing

Extraordinary with roast chicken, well peppered. Its savoury complexity matches well with braised oily fish cooked in liquid, and can also match well with spicy fish cooked in an Asian style.

Grape Variety: Nero D'Avola, Frappato

Country: Sicily - Italy


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