Planeta Controdanza 2018

25 JD

Arising from the desire to minimise environmental impact, the invisible winery is the symbol of Planeta's presence in the territory of Noto. The project, finalised in 2003, is still completely innovative and the expression of a perfect synthesis between respect for the territory, technical requirements and architectural design.

The aspect of the soft hills of Buonivini, the white limestone soil, and the breezes arising from the meeting of two seas, create the best conditions to make the vines grow successfully and give rise to great wines. Here Nero d’Avola and Moscato grow together with almonds, carobs and olives, symbolic plants of the Mediterranean location.

Controdanza, from “country dance”, is a traditional rural dance where partners move gracefully together and then in opposition to each other. Thus we imagined an association of Nero d’Avola and a small amount of Merlot, both cultivated in Noto’s white soil. An unconventional combination, balanced between harmony and contrast.

Tasting Notes

Typical characteristics of Nero d’Avola di Noto but grown in slightly less limey soils; with aromas of jasmine and prune together with balsamic notes, of bay, incense, Mediterranean macchia and goudron, balanced and rendered lively by the addition of an exuberant Merlot produced on the same lime soil. The wood comes second, well covered by the fruit. Spicey and acidic notes are always adequately present on the palate, though well softened by the alcohol and balanced with tannins.

Food Pairing

A red wine of great conviviality, and easily matched with contrasting flavours. Seasoned meats, mature cheeses; salami; grilled meat; sweet-sour dishes. Even with artichokes.


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