Nonino Prunella Mandorlata Plum Liqueur

38 JD

The art of distillation has been a Nonino Family privilege since 1897. Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and love for their work are their distinctive mark. Nonino distillates in fabulous cocktails and aperitifs for the happiness of the palate and the spirit. Distilled after Antonio Nonino`s old original recipe. Prunella Mandorlata is a light, delicate liqueur with its inviting amber color. Its extraordinary scent of bitter almond underlines the peculiarity of this plum distillate.

Tasting Notes

Soft and delicate, with an extraordinary scent of almond ennobled by the presence of Plum Distillate.

Food Pairing

Tasted in purity or accompanied to small size pastry, chocolate and dried fruit. Discover it served with ice and a slice of plum!


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