Niepoort Nat Cool Drink Me Red 2021

12-14°CRegion: BairradaPortugal

Suggested Food Pairings:

Red MeatsPoultryMild CheesesAppetizersSpicy FoodsFish
24 JD

Nat Cool is naturally "cool and funky." It embodies Niepoort's original concept, in which many producers collaborated to develop light, easy-to-drink wines. Drink Me, the first Nat Cool, aims to highlight a different and more exquisite side of the Baga grape varietal.
Tasting Notes
This wine is light and lively in color, with a bouquet that highlights the Baga grape type as well as the Bairrada region: fresh, flowery, with notes of aromatic herbs and red fruit. It's round on the palate, but light and crisp. It finishes on an almost peppery note, with a subtle astringency that adds character to the wine. This is a straightforward wine that is appropriate for any occasion..
Food Pairing
Light dishes like grilled chicken and salad, as well as comfort food like pasta or a simple pizza.

Grape Variety: Baga

Country: Portugal - Bairrada


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