Niepoort Dry White Rabbit Port

23 JD
The Niepoort family has been associated with the caliber of Porto wine for five generations. It creates wines that are regarded as the best both domestically and internationally by respecting tradition and carefully investing in innovation. As is usual in the traditional winemaking of the style, the Rabbit is created utilizing a protracted skin maceration procedure. The final blend consists of a variety of wines that have aged an average of 3,5 years in oak barrels.The white grapes go through a drawn-out skin maceration process before being added to pure grape brandy, which occasionally involves foot treading in lagares. The wine is matured in small, old oak casks in Vila Nova de Gaia cellars for at least 3.5 years before bottling.
Tasting Notes
Due to its prolonged aging in small, old oak barrels, this wine has a delightful almond and nut aroma that comes through on the palate and is followed by a fresh, strong spirit aftertaste. It is golden/brown in color.
Food Pairing
Serve this wine as an aperitif, though it also tastes fantastic after a meal on its own or as a dessert wine. With ice, tonic water, and some lemon, it can also be served as a long drink.
Grape Variety: Côdega, Rabigato, Viosinho, Arinto, Gouveio

Country: Portugal - Douro

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