Miyagikyo Single Malt Japanese Whisky

110 JD

whereMiyagikyo Single Malt is a range of single malt expressions from the Miyagikyo Distillery. Nikka's founder Masataka Taketsuru chose a valley in the Miyagi prefecture as the site for his second distillery, and started its operation in 1969. He aimed to make a complete contrast between the two distilleries, Miyagikyo and Yoichi, with different natural environments and production methods.

Miyagikyo malts are described as elegant and fruity. Made from light peated and non-peated malted barley, whiskies distilled in pot stills heated by indirect steam express a signature fruitiness and delicate mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, full and rich with floral notes, tropical fruit, beeswax and hints of wood smoke. Malt focused on the palate, with cinnamon and ginger spiciness, chocolate and tobacco. Long and soft finish, where the tobacco fades to leave spiced, stewed fruit.

Country: Japan

ABV: 45%


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