Marchesi di Barolo - voyage to Piemonte


Marchesi di Barolo, a historic Italian winery located in the heart of Barolo in Piedmont, has been producing wines since the early 19th century. Revered for their traditional winemaking methods, the estate's Barolos, crafted primarily from Nebbiolo grapes, epitomize the region's elegance and power, offering a remarkable expression of this iconic Italian wine.

The tasting will display an array of 4 wines paired with cuisines of your choice. Whether you'd like to nibble on some bites, or go local with our Levant cuisine, or international with a selection of different cuisines from around the world, we are sure you'll find what you are looking for.

We promise an event full of discovery, succulent flavors and engaging conversations.

30 JD
Choose cuisine (Check PDF menu for details)

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