Benriach Peated Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

72 JD

Peated Benriach, matured in tiny quarter casks! The smaller casks encourage greater interaction between the spirit, the oak and the air allowing the whisky to take on lots of character in a shorter period of time. This 46% expression, bottled with neither chill filtration nor artificial colouring, is no exception.

Tasting Notes

Bright summer gold in color. On the nose, elegant waves of wood smoke intensify to burning heather with a delicious contribution of ripe orchard fruits. Subtle notes of peaches, cinnamon sugar and a slightly herbal note of fresh barley give an added contrast to the unique, rich peat character. On the palate, intense peat smoke mellows to smouldering peat embers infused with green pear and nectarine fruit notes. Nutty oak and vanilla pods combine with a touch of white pepper and a twist of lime to give an intriguing, crisp, smoky finish.
Country: Speyside - Scotland

ABV: 46%


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