Lolea Nº5 Rose

6-8°CRegion: AragónSpain

Suggested Food Pairings:

DessertsSaladsAppetizersMild CheesesAperitifFish
23 JD

Lolea N5 Rosé is a delicious frizzante wine with an appealing pale pink color and hibiscus and ginger that add a modest sweet and unexpected flowery note.
Tasting Notes
Lolea N o 5 Rose's flowers, fruits, and spices blend together in this elegant cocktail, perfumed and appealing pink stick, in the style of "Coté de Provence." These low-tannin wines are colder, paler, and more acidic, making them more approachable and delicious.
Food Pairing
This wine can be served by itself as an aperitif, or paired with light fish and seafood meals.

Grape Variety: Grenache and Tempranillo
Country: Spain - Aragón


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