Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey

130 JD

Kentucky Owl® Takumi Edition is an artfully blended bourbon that provides whiskey lovers an insight into the flavor profiles sought after by a Japanese Whisky Master Blender. It is a special release that brings the best of Japanese whisky-making skills to Kentucky Owl’s bourbon range.

Kentucky Owl® Takumi Edition has been awarded 97 points by Tasting Panel magazine.

50% ABV- 100 Proof

Scent and flavor

  • Nose: A savory mix of light rye bread with sweet caramel richness with a hint of tangy fruit salad that tickles the nostrils and pleasantly teases the palate, begging for a taste of the liquid.
  • Palate: Initial wave of buttery rye bread provides a full-bodied taste and feel from the start. Across the tongue the savory mix of rye and caramel combine into a cinnamon and caramel sauce to bring out some fruitiness, mostly apple and pear.
  • Finish: A flavorful, pleasant, and lasting finish.

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