Highland Park 15 year Old Viking Heart

125 JD

Gordon Motion, the Master Whisky Maker at Highland Park, chose primarily European wood casks for the 15 Year Old in order to give warm, spicy flavors and American oak casks for a balance of sweet vanilla. Gordon skillfully added only a few replacement casks to soften and mellow the flavors, and he decided to bottle the whisky at 40% ABV to bring out its distinctive heathery peat smoke and bright fruitiness.
Tasting Notes
This whiskey opens with rich and spicy aromas of crème brulee, heather honey, and crushed cinnamon followed by highly fruity notes of fresh pineapple dressed with a sprinkling of sun-kissed lemon zest. You can also detect a hint of warm, freshly baked sponge cake, and you'll notice cinnamon once more, but this time in the form of toasted shards. Waves of fragrant peat smoke linger with hints of citrus and vanilla.

ABV: 40%

Country: Scotland - Island


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