Grands Domaines Vodka Bio - Single Estate

46 JD

On his property in France, Francis Abécassis of Domaines Abécassis Single Estate Distillery cultivates farm-grown, organic winter wheat. The result is the gin and vodka produced by Grands Domaines. The goods are produced in the Camargue, a protected area in southern France where horses, flamingos, and bulls have roamed free for centuries. The softest, farm-grown winter wheat is used to make Grands Domaines Single Estate Organic French Vodka, which is then aged in French barrels.
Tasting Notes
Nose: Elegant, delicate, notes of wheat, pepper, citrus, vanilla, cognac.
Palate: Soft, round, notes of spices, citrus, vanilla.
Finish: Long lasting.


Country: France - Camargue


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