Glenfarclas 1985 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

850 JD

The eldest of the 1985 vintages we have just got in stock is this 33-year-old released in Winter 2018. Cask number 2784 is from a 4th fill hogshead that only produced 169 bottles at a natural cask strength of 41.6%

Tasting Notes

The colour is russetmuscat, the nose offers a fine old style sherry profile that seems to be paxarette-improved. The sherry leaves enough space for both the malt spirit and wooden aromas like sugars, honeys, herbs and spices. A truly complex and delicious nosing experience that does not punch a single spike into your olfactory cells. The palate is layered on all these delicious paxarette-alike sherry flavours that are so tasty (guess, why the sherry bodegas still use this fine old technique...). It is chewy and absolutely flawless - regardless how long you try to find any fault. Later fine honeys (among them Manuka) and old cognac-like flavours join and refine this adorable taste further

Country: Highland - Scotland

ABV: 41.6%


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