Glenfarclas 1967 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

6,500 JD

Intensely well-Sherried single malt from Glenfarclas and their Family Cask range. This richly dark whisky was distilled in 1967 and left to mature in a Sherry hogshead until April 2016, when it was bottled with an outturn of just 64 bottles.

Tasting Notes

Dark amber in color. Spicy on the nose, with orange zest in good quantities. Not just any oranges - oranges that have been covered with cloves, like we used to have at Christmas. The taste is similar to the nose, with more orange cloves leading to sweetness. It evokes memories of Christmas morning - the excitement and anticipation of opening your presents and finding everything you wanted, and much more. It has a beautiful, long buttery and fruity finish, with some light nuttiness. In short, it`s another Glenfarclas gem.

Country: Highland - Scotland

ABV: 55.6%


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