Flaco Tempranillo 2021

14-16°CRegion: MadridSpain

Suggested Food Pairings:

Red MeatsMild CheesesCured MeatsPizzasRed PastasLamb
17 JD
Flaco Tempranillo is a perfect introduction to Spain’s most well-known red grape variety. Versatile and hearty, Tempranillo is grown virtually everywhere red wine is grown in Spain, but it does particularly well in areas that have warm days and cool nights, slowing down its growth cycle. ‘Temprano,” meaning “early,” lends itself to the name for this early-ripening grape- the viticulturist’s task is always to slow this down! Outside Madrid at high altitude, we find a perfect environment for growing Tempranillo in a balanced way. Produced by Vinos Atlántico in DO Vinos de Madrid, Flaco’s luscious fruit and soft texture make it a perfect wine for everyday drinking. Madrid is not only the capital of Spain but also one of the country's most interesting and up-and-coming winegrowing regions with a more casual approach than famed Rioja and Ribera del Duero. This universal appeal is reflected in the wine’s name: “Flaco” is a friendly word for “dude” in typical Madrid slang!

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