Donatien Bahuaud Sancerre N7 2021

10-12°CRegion: Loire ValleyFrance

Suggested Food Pairings:

PoultryFishShellsSaladsBBQFoie Gras
38 JD
"A tribute to the «holiday route »
The Route National 7 otherwise known as the N 7 is the longest road in France 996 km) and used to be the favourite
itinerary of Parisians on route for their summer holidays on the Côte d’Azur This, the most popular road in France, passed
below Sancerre perched on its rocky promontory, from where it could observe the tourists filling their car boots with wine
to the great delight of the local winemakers. The art of
wine maturing according to Donatien Bahuaud
Donatien Bahuaud vinification alone is not enough to create unique wines” Our
Sancerre “N 7 is aged for 6 months on fine lees in thermo regulated stainless steel
vats During this time, the lees are kept in suspension by regular stirring, which brings
out the richness and vivacity of this wine A period of 3 months bottle ageing in our
cellars then adds mellowness to this blend that expresses all the aromatic finesse
typical of Sauvignon Blanc."

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