Saint George Merlot 2019

14-16°CRegion: Jordan

Suggested Food Pairings:

Red MeatsMild CheesesCured MeatsPizzasRed PastasLamb
13 JD

Jordan is a cold country with a hot sun. Ample differences in day and night temperatures are responsible for the unique taste of the wines. The Zumot family vineyards are framed organically and produce fruit with concentrated aromas because of this temperature difference. This Merlot grows in vineyards oriented East-West, unlike Europe’s southern exposure orientation. This orientation keeps the grape bunches aerated during growth and maturation, and allows Merlot to ripen. It is a harmonious wine, exquisitely balanced, velvety and long lasting.

Tasting Notes

This Merlot has a deep purple color with ruby hints. It has a classical note of menthol, cedar wood with hints of blueberry and green pepper. Because of the ample sun, it is supple, juicy and fresh with round tannins.

Food Pairing

This Merlot pair wonderfully with all meats including steak, smoked brisket, and duck.

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