Ramon Bilbao Verdejo 2022

10-12°CRegion: RuedaSpain

Suggested Food Pairings:

PoultryFishShellsSaladsBBQFoie Gras
19 JD

This wine is both a beginning and an ending. An introduction and a conclusion . It draws people together by awakening the senses. This crisp white wine from Spain's Rueda PDO is not typical of the region, which produces wines with aniseed and tropical aromas. Freshness, florals, and herbs reign supreme in this wine for pleasure.
Tasting Notes
A medium-intensity greenish-yellow wine that is clean, vibrant, and leaves tears on the glass. It has a strong scent with notes of jasmine, aniseed, white and citrus fruits, and bay leaf and hay. It tastes fresh, tangy, and lengthy, with superb alcoholic balance. The end tastes like citrus fruits and flowers.
Food Pairing
Pairs well with steamed vegetables, salads, cheeses and white meats.

Grape Variety: Verdejo
Country: Spain - Rueda


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