Código 1530 XII Years Aged Extra Anejo Tequila

2,650 JD

Every drop of Código 1530’s offerings, have been perfected over several generations the way one would a homemade recipe embracing time-honored customs without ever veering from the traditions of the Los Bajos region and its tequilieras and jimadors. The tequila begins with fully-matured agave, which is cooked in stainless steel ovens, fermented utilizing an organic family baker’s yeast in Amatitán, and distilled twice in stills handmade by the distilling family themselves.

The XII Extra Añejo is a private recipe refined over many generations by an artisan distilling family in Amatitán. Aged for 12 years in the finest Cabernet French White Oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Very exquisite and refined agave flavor. Unlike any other tequila currently on the market. Complex and expressive nose, aromas of spice and sweet oak lend to a robust palate with a smooth, long finish.

ABV: 40%

Country: Mexico


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