Château Du Breuil 20 Year Reserve des Seigneurs

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A 20 year old XO calvados, the Reserve des Seigneurs is a blend of Chateau de Breuil's finest spirit, selected to produce a rich and elegant eau-de-vie. The apple is the basic ingredient to make quality Calvados. The mild and damp weather and clayed soil of the Pays d'Auge give the Chateau du Breuil ideal growing conditions for its 22,000 apple trees which surround the castle.

Tasting Notes

It has been selected among the noblest and oldest Calvados of the Château du Breuil cellars. By its very amber color and its strength in tannins, it brings the pleasure of the roundness of its aromas. A distinguished, graceful and supple Calvados. Hints of spices, honey, cinnamon, dried fruits and with a great and long finish.

For the connoisseurs and amateurs of old and high quality alcohols. To taste with close friends or connoisseurs, it will work wonders after a good meal or in front a of a fireplace.

Country: Normandy - France

ABV: 41%


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