BenRiach 10 Year Old Curiositas Single Malt Scotch Whisky

65 JD

Curiositas is a 10 year old, peated release from the BenRiach distillery in what they call the 'classic Speyside style'. A distinct malt with great depth and a bittersweet balance.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, sweet grassy malt, succulent fudge and hints of smoke and heather lead. There's a touch of malmsey underneath with fragrant honey and mellow oak. On the palate, caramelised sugar and strong cereal flavours form the core. Marshmallows, ripe stone fruit and a warm nuttiness develop while peppery spice tingles in the backdrop with green wood smoke. Bittersweet with slight suggestions of dry oak, beeswax and fennel on the finish.

Country: Speyside - Scotland

ABV: 40%


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