Begonia Sangria Blanca

17.500 JD

Begonia Sangria Blanca is a delicious white wine based blend produced from the finest grapes, spices and natural fruit essences from the Iberian Peninsula, using a family recipe going back two generations. Begonia is one of the few premium sangrias produced in Spain. All of its ingredients are natural. Macabeo grapes are ripened in the rugged vineyards in Murcia, and blended with Azahar flowers, a mix of traditional Mediterranean spice and herbs, and the essences of real Valencia oranges. The fruit flavors come from a natural extraction process without any chemically-induced flavoring. Lastly, this sangria is not pasteurized, allowing its flavor to be more apparent and fresh. Most sangrias produced in Spain are bottled in the 750 ml, but Begonia comes in 1 liter bottle. The result is an authentic Sangria that captures the spirit of the Spanish summer which can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Tasting Notes

Macabeo (also know as Viura) flavored with essences of cinnamon, orange, lime and lemon. Begonia is a premium sangria made with natural high quality ingredients. It exhibits bright citrus and spice aromas and flavors. It is smooth and delicious!

Food Pairing

Perfect drink for all fun occasions! Enjoy Begonia Sangria chilled, poured over ice and/or garnished with fruit.

Country: Murcia - Spain

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