Bayou Select Rum

32 JD

Describing itself as 'the rum for bourbon drinkers', Bayou Select is copper pot distilled from Louisiana sugarcane and then aged in the Solera method for up to three years. The result is a creamy rum with a bourbon-esque character, accompanied by notes of cinnamon and maple.

The Solera method involves a pyramid of stacked barrels. The oldest liquid is in the bottom layer of barrels, the youngest in the top. When a batch is harvested it is filled solely from some of the bottom layer, and those barrels are then topped up with rum from the layer resting on top of them. This second layer is, in turn, topped up with the contents of the third layer, and so on. This process is a way of naturally blending spirits for consistent taste and quality.

Country: USA

ABV: 40%


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