Al Zumot Arak

28 JD

The Arak is distilled from purified grape alcohol with the addition of these anise seeds in a small alambic pot still. inally comes the secret of our baked clay jars: the triple distilled Arak has a sharp flavour that is blunted by maturation in clay jars. These jars have been hand crafted in the small town of Beit Shabab for more than 2000 years. They are fired for months to get the required porosity, which allows the Arak to “breath”, slowly incorporating the distillate molecules, micro oxidation and let the undesired oils evaporate.
After at least a year of aging, we are left with only 70% of the original quantity through evaporation satisfying the “thirst of the Angels”, and resulting in the nectar Arak Zumot.

Tasting Notes

Smooth on the palate slight sweetness, with a delicate scent of the quality aniseed.

Food Pairing

Served best with Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines such as Mezze, Mixed Grill and any fish dish.

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