Saint George Chardonnay Winemaker's Selection 2022

12-14°CRegion: Jordan

Suggested Food Pairings:

PoultryFishShellsCheesesCured MeatsWhite Pastas
16 JD

The vines for the Saint George Chardonnay wines grow in a mixture of clay, limestone and basalt, imparting a unique character to the vines and wine. It produces an elegant Chardonnay partially aged in oak to balance its fruity character and round mouth feel.

Tasting Notes

The Saint George Chardonnay is a beautiful bright yellow color with creamy notes of custard, butter and vanilla combined with almond and chestnut. On the palate, the wine is round, rich and mouth filling with golden ripe apples, quince and lemon curd followed by a smooth vanilla and soft oak finish.

Food Pairing

Grilled calamari, shrimp cocktail with avocado, and pasta or white meats with butter lemon sauces.

Country: Jordan

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