Tibaldi Rita ste Metodo Classico 2015

8-10°CRegion: PiedmontItaly

Suggested Food Pairings:

DessertsFishShellsAged CheesesMushroomsWhite Pastas
51 JD

The personal and meticulous care given to every phase of production, from the vines through to bottling has always been the core of Tibaldi Vini’s philosophy. Knowledge of oenology and traditional cellar techniques, handed down from father to daughter are combined with avant-garde technology in the winemaking and maturation processes to result in authentic wines that perfectly express the typical characteristics of the region.

This sparkling wine is uniquely made from Arneis but in the classical method of fermentation used in champagne. It is crisp and dry with no sugar added (pas dose). After fermentation in the bottle at a constant temperature, the bottles continue aging on the yeast for at least 40 months, with a long period of riddling.

Tasting Notes

Lemon and key lime pie with a structured acidic finish and a layered complexity of candied fruit and orange peel. It is savory, balanced and vibrant with a dry finish.

Food Pairing

This works for any celebration, this is a versatile wine that can accompanied by anything from a formidable cheese board to sushi or your favorite Thai dish.

Grape Variety: Arneis

Country: Piedmont - Italy


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